Rent Supplement Program

BVRH administers this program in our Region on behalf of the province.

  • This is a Provincial program that provides eligible households with a supplement of up to $600 per month. This money is meant to offset the difference between a household’s rent and an amount equal to 30% of their gross income. For example a household that earns $1,500 per month but pays $800 per month in rent may receive $350 as a monthly supplement. ($800 – 30% of $1500 = $350).
  • Residents of social housing accommodation are not eligible for this program.
  • Eligibility is determined according to the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation of the Alberta Housing Act. This process includes the assignment of a point score, which measures the priority of need in order to determine the allocation of housing. In order to be eligible the household must currently score 32 points or more. 
  • Applicants are awarded points based on: 
    • Number of dependants; 
    • Percentage of income going to rent and utility cost;
    • Eviction due to reasons other than a breach of the tenancy agreement; 
    • Certain emergency situations including family violence; 
    • Accessibility challenges or overcrowding of current accommodation; 
    • Accommodation causing or aggravating serious health problems or that is unsafe; 
    • Accommodation shared between families.

How Can I Get an Application for Rental Assistance?

Once you have fully completed the application please return it to our offices at:
920 Fairholme Drive, Canmore, AB T1W 1W1.