Functionally Independent Seniors Lodges

BVRH operates 2 Lodges (of which Cascade House is also owned by us) with a total of 85 supportive living residential suites in Banff/Canmore.

Most of our Lodge Residents are fully functional but enjoy letting us cook and clean for them! Our lodges provide every resident with the opportunity to enjoy full meal and snack services,but we are not responsible for their nutritional needs. We are exploring opportunities to increase our level of care service at Bow River Seniors Lodge in Canmore.

This program provides single or double bed/sitting rooms, meals, housekeeping services, linen/laundry and recreational services. Services beyond these basic offerings vary depending on the lodge and the community. Management of the facilities and tenant selection are delegated to management bodies.

Generally, lodges do not have health professionals on staff and lodge employees are not trained to care for residents with health or complex personal care needs. All lodge residents who are assessed by the health system as requiring health care can receive these services through the Home Care Program provided by Alberta Health Services. In addition, some management bodies have formal agreements with Alberta Health Services to coordinate or provide health and personal care services to their lodge residents.

The ability to house residents with health concerns is totally dependent on the services available in the community and the extent to which the resident health impacts the operation of the lodge and the lives of the other residents. Persons wishing to apply for lodge accommodation should discuss this matter with lodge management before moving in. It is also advised that the applicant’s family be part of this discussion. Each management body develops operational policies regarding continued residency in a lodge. The Residential Tenancies Act does not govern Lodges, however the Alberta Housing Act and Regulations govern them.

Lodge rates are set by the local management body and may vary between different areas of the province. Protection for low-income seniors is established by regulation under the Alberta Housing Act. To protect lower-income residents, management bodies must ensure that each senior resident 65 years of age or older is left with at least $315 a month in disposable (after tax) income to spend on personal needs after paying their monthly basic lodge rate. Municipalities, which are members of the management body, financially support the lodges by paying the facilities’ operating deficit. Municipalities also have representatives on the boards of the management bodies. The province provides funding through the Lodge Assistance Program.

Senior citizens who are functionally independent, with or without the help of existing community based services, are eligible for lodge accommodation. Applicants are prioritized on the basis of need, which takes into consideration housing need, level of support required and income. It is this priority list that identifies which applicants will be housed first. Applicants may also need to meet local residency requirements.

Applicants to BVRH Seniors' Lodges:

  • Receive priority if they are low-income seniors.
  • Must be functionally independent and are subject to medical examination.
  • May achieve their functional independence with some assistance from existing community-based services.
  • Must prove "Eligible Residency" through Parks Canada if applying to reside at Cascade House in Banff.

BVRH Seniors' Lodge Applicants:

  • Are assessed according to the "Priority Rating Criteria for Lodge Accommodation" as set out by the Government of Alberta. This process includes the assignment of a point score, which measures the priority of need in order to determine the allocation of housing.
  • Are awarded points based on:
  • Risk to applicant in current accommodation;
  • Degree of independence;
  • Housing needs;
  • Income and special circumstances such as length of time the applicant has lived in the community.
  • Are selected based on the rated priority score of the applicant measuring need.
photo by Pam Doyle

BVRH Residents:

Enjoy accommodation, meals, snacks, beverages, regular housekeeping and recreational activities included in their monthly rental rate.

  • May choose to pay a fee for personal laundry service.
  • May be required to pay for any additional services that they may request, e.g. parking.
  • May receive medication assistance from Alberta Health Services.
  • May receive bathing assistance from Alberta Health Services.
  • May receive other assistance offered by Alberta Health Services.


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