Special Bulletin- June 27, 2022

Special Lodge Bulletin June 27, 2022 This bulletin provides a major update about Covid-19 health restrictions in our lodges. Covid-10 related public health measures: Alberta entered Step 3 of measures-easing a couple of weeks ago. While that move did not affect the measures in Continuing Care, we have now learned that all Covid-19- related public […]

June 2022 BVRH Monthly Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin June 2022 NEWS, INITIATIVES, AND EVENTS Strategic Planning and Bylaw Review The Board, along with senior management, participated in a two-day workshop this month during which we reviewed and updated both our Strategic Plan and our Bylaws. COVID-19 The province continues to transition to an endemic approach to Covid19, having progressed to Step […]

Special Lodge Alert Bulletin – June 13, 2022

Lodge Special Bulletin May 9, 2022

Special Lodge Bulletin May 9, 2022 Please be aware that the lodge is no longer in outbreak status with AHS. However, one of our residents has flu-like symptoms and has rapid-tested positive for Covid-19. They have been PCR tested and are awaiting the results. While this appears to be becoming our new normal, I urge […]