Special Bulletin – December 24, 2021

Special Lodge Bulletin December 24, 2021


New public health orders are in effect: the new variant, called Omicron, has proven to be highly contagious, even for those who are vaccinated. Omicron has started a new wave of infection that is rising faster than anything we’ve seen before. The good news is it appears to be less dangerous, especially to fully vaccinated people. The bad news is it will be everywhere soon, infecting way more people than past waves, so we must once again take strong measures to avoid infection and try to help the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed.
New and recent measures include:
• Residents returning to the lodge after having been away for more than 24 hours must wear a surgical mask, which we will provide, for 14 days in common areas, except when actively eating and drinking. They must also actively screen themselves for the following symptoms – if you have of these symptoms you are required to isolate and tell us immediately: o Do you have any new onset (or worsening) of the following symptoms?
• Fever
• Cough
• Shortness of breath
• Runny nose
• Sore throat
• Chills
• Painful swallowing
• Nasal congestion
• Feeling unwell / fatigued
• Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea
• Unexplained loss of appetite
• Loss of sense of taste or smell
• Muscle / joint aches
• Headache
• Conjunctivitis (commonly known as pink eye) o If you answered “YES” to any symptom in question 3: Stay in your room, notify your operator contact and arrange testing. o If you answered “NO”: Wear a well fitted surgical/procedure mask while outside your room, except when eating and drinking, for 14 days post-return from an absence greater than 24 hours.
• Residents who have had close contact with someone who is a confirmed case of Covid-19 must also wear a surgical mask, which we will provide, for 14 days in common areas, and must take meals in their suites. They must also actively screen themselves for the symptoms listed above – if you have of these symptoms you are required to isolate and tell us immediately.

o I ask that you wear a mask when you are in the common areas of the lodge, expect when ACTIVELY eating and drinking.
o I also ask you to reduce non-essential visitors to the lodge and non-essential trips off the lodge grounds.
o Please check yourself daily for the symptoms listed above and if you have any know that you are required to isolate and tell us immediately.
Please know that we have ordered many rapid tests from the government, which we will use to test our staff regularly. We hope to be able to use some of them to test residents if they have close contact with confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The Omicron wave will be a fast-hitting storm that is already starting in Canmore. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to be as dangerous as the earlier versions, but the number of cases will be very high – it remains to be seen how it will impact our community, but we are hopeful. Please help by being extra careful for the next while – we’ll know soon how bad, or not, it will be.

The fifth wave of cases is growing very quickly. Pressure on our hospitals continues to ease, but we still need your help to keep our lodges virus-free. I recognize and very much appreciate the helpful efforts that most of you have and will continue to make to protect yourselves and others, despite the great and ongoing challenges of these times.

The current situation in Alberta: there are over 8,500 active cases in the province (these have doubled in the past 2 weeks), including around 100 in the BVRH region – Canmore is experiencing a surge right now. Tragically nearly 3,300 Albertans have died, including 14 from our area. The core requirements and recommendations in effect include:
• You must stay in your suite if you feel at all unwell except to seek medical assistance. Tell the staff right away if you feel at all unwell.
• Please avoid people who have been around others who have recently been sick.
• Avoid indoor interactions with people who are not fully vaccinated.
• Wash and or sanitize your hands often.
• Avoid sick people and crowded places.
• Have the things that you need delivered as much as possible.
• Please connect socially with others via phone or internet as much as possible.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2022! Sincerely, Ian