Special Bulletin December 11, 2020

Special Lodge Bulletin: Covid-19
December 11, 2020

Please read this bulletin, discuss it with those closest to you and feel free to ask questions.
Thank you to the many lodge residents who continue to do what they can to protect
themselves and their neighbours. Alberta remains under a state of public health
emergency and due to high case numbers, aggressive action is required now to protect
you and our healthcare system. Further measures have now been implemented.
There have been record infection levels across all age groups recently and more
disturbingly cases in people over 80 are now second highest in growth. In fact, more
Albertans in this age range have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in November and
December than during the entire rest of the pandemic. This surge among seniors is
driving a record number of outbreaks in seniors living facilities: currently more than 150
of these facilities have active outbreaks. We need your help to keep our lodges virus-free,
because as Dr. Hinshaw recently said, it is very, very challenging to keep it out.
The current situation is critical; there are now more than 20,000 active cases in the
province, with 34 in Canmore and 78 in Banff. Tragically now more than 665 Albertans
have died, most of whom were seniors. Our health system is in trouble.
It is sad but true that Christmas will be very different this year; the restrictions that are
currently in place will not be lifted until some time in January at the earliest. They are
necessary however to slow the growth in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.
We are all still very tired of Covid-19, and yet we must stay the course and work together
for the common good. Here are the current core requirements:
• You must not leave your suite if you feel sick except to seek medical assistance – call
the staff if you feel at all unwell.
• Everyone must wash and or sanitize their hands often, especially before entering the
dining room, before entering and after leaving the elevator, before leaving and after
returning to your suite.
• YOU MUST wear a mask/covering when you are not in your suite, except when you
are actively eating, drinking, or doing exercises. Put on a mask before opening your
door and when you have others in your suite. We have ordered more masks for you.
• Stay apart from others, avoid sick people and crowded places.
• Please have the things that you need delivered as much as possible. Please conduct
legal and financial business via the phone as much as possible. Please connect
socially with others via phone or internet as much as possible.
outings. Residents who go out frequently must wear a mask in the common areas of
the lodge at all times and may be asked to eat meals in their suite, and even stay in
their suite when they are in the building. Since most businesses and services
including restaurants are closed or subject to much lower occupancy, and since visits
to others’ homes are currently banned, there isn’t much to do on an outing beyond:
walking around the site or block on your own, urgent legal and financial business and
medical appointments.
• No indoor social gatherings in any setting – in lodges limit close contacts to 2 people.
This means you can have one or two close contacts from the lodge into your suite for
visits, but it must be the same one or two people until the state of emergency is lifted.
You should be masked when visiting with others.
• Outdoor gatherings are now banned.
• Wedding and funeral services max of 10, no receptions permitted.
• Places of worship at 1/7 normal attendance with mandatory masking and distancing.
• Mandatory masks for indoor workplaces and public spaces across the province.
• Avoid non-essential travel to other communities.
• Salon and related services are suspended.
It is VERY important to understand that BVRH considers behaviour that threatens the
safety of others as breaches of the residency agreement. If you do not follow the rules of
the lodge you will be putting yourself and your neighbours at risk and you will be held
accountable. This includes the new masking in common areas requirement – residents
who do not properly cover their mouth and nose will be subject to warning and more
serious actions if they do not follow the rules, including mandatory isolation in their
suites or even eviction. Please, do not look for loopholes, do your part, and do it well.
The good news is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The next few months will be the
most dangerous that we have experienced, but some time in late winter we will have an
effective vaccine program that will prioritize lodge residents and staff after those in long term
care – let’s get through the tough months ahead together so that we can celebrate come spring.
Please let us know if you would like to eat in your suite to limit your contact with others.

Thank you and stay well,